Lack Of Focus

I love photographs. I love taking them and I love looking at them. Photographs are a record of time. Time gallops on without ever seeming to tire but photographs have the power to tame time. They let time pause and catch its breath, capturing the briefest moments, before releasing it again. Those captured moments you can hold in your hand, carry with you and revisit time and time again.

Great photographs reveal the moment; you can feel the warmth of the sun, the lure of the ocean and the pain behind someone’s eyes.

These fleeting moments are all around us, in every second of our daily lives. We tend to miss them as they flutter past – one second too slow and we don’t quite capture what we were hoping for. The photograph of reality doesn’t quite match the photograph of expectation; it’s distorted and out of focus. Sometimes you can make out the shapes but those memories are reduced to abstract forms with blurred edges.

I used to hate them and never dreamed of sharing them. They felt like failures.

But then something changed and I saw the beauty in the blurred. The crisp, sharp edges I expected had softened and rounded, revealing forms I hadn’t intended. I don’t intentionally shoot out of focus but when it happens now, it’s not the end of the world. Constantly seeking perfection leads only to constant disappointment.

Whether in photography or in writing or in life in general, expectation and reality do not always align. When this happens, don’t give up; take hold of the resulting sense of failure or sadness and remember the joy from all the moments that led you to that point. Keep taking photographs, keep writing and keep pursuing the thing you love because you will never see the photo that wasn’t taken.

So, enjoy my blurred photographs. I now do.



– Jack Hare

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