Saying Goodbye

Its been weeks since you left us and the whole world is sad
I cant explain how we’re coping but I tell you its mad

No one was prepared for you to be taken
Trying to catch my breath and the whole room is shaking

Everything seemed wrong, and nothing added up,
Those weeks were just so dreadful and everyday was tough

I found it hard to accept, that you are really gone,
But then again, through stories your soul will live on

Your family is all together, your friends are here too
Telling stories of the amazing times that we shared with you

Putting on a smile when I look at your face
My news feed is filling up and you’re all over the place,

You were loved by so many and you were famous in Berlin
So many stories but where could I begin?

Those colourful clothes you were always setting a trend
Dean do you know Adzee? Of course he’s my friend!

I guess it made me proud, delighted and glad
To call you a friend-one of the best I could have had

I’m seeing all these pictures and in every one you smile
Never a grin or bad look you did everything in style

Every time I look I can’t help but stare
At all your funky clothes and that magnificent curly hair

So many funny memories, plenty of stories to be told
We will always talk about you, even when we’re old

You were the kindest soul, always learning and advancing,
Therese no doubt in my mind that the Funky Little Groover will always be dancing

Its time say farewell now, its time to say goodbye
Forever in our hearts, we will miss you Adam Merai!


-Dean Reid

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