See your glass.

From an early age we are told that there are two types of people in this world. Those who see their glass as half full and those who see it as half empty. Many of us strive to be the person who sees their glass as half full. We want to be a positive person. … Continue reading See your glass.

Don’t be so selfish…be selfish.

Each and every act of kindness, is, to some degree, selfish. All acts from people across the world, come from a place of selfishness, but this isn't a bad thing. On a whole, the word selfish is used to insult others, to push them to question their actions or to simply dent their ego. We … Continue reading Don’t be so selfish…be selfish.


All my life, I've never been invited. I've been tolerated. I've been allowed. I've been requested. Demands were made of me. But I've never been invited. I would ask to come in. I would invite them. I would offer them, me. Sometimes they'd say no, and I'd be relieved. Sometimes they'd say maybe. Sometimes they … Continue reading Invitations

Ambitions complicated relationship with contentment

As children we’re told to “follow our dreams” and “reach for the stars”. Most of us are encouraged to achieve our full potential and to live a life that will make us happy, yet everyone has a different version of happiness. In order to be happy we make choices, choose friends, careers, where we live, … Continue reading Ambitions complicated relationship with contentment

When did our world become so ugly ?

When did our world become so ugly ? Where did people learn to be so cruel ? That they end up trading insults in some reality TV duel ? When did it become normal to crave the brand names of a rich elite ? Yet failing to notice people sleeping rough, dying on our streets. … Continue reading When did our world become so ugly ?