No one to trust?

What do you do when you realise the only person you can trust is yourself, only to learn this isn't exactly true? Experiencing life as it is and realising that everything is subject to change, can lead to the conclusion that you, can only trust, you. Learning to appreciate yourself, knowing that you'll always have … Continue reading No one to trust?

Back to known hoods

  Going back Is actually sometimes going forwards When you know the faces And the places The streets, the traffic The noise, the scents Which way the wind blows The time you have to Wrap your scarf once more The memories that jump in front of you Sensations which awakened And which not. This time. … Continue reading Back to known hoods

Maturity, the end of confusion?

What does maturity feel like to you? Maturity comes in various ways. To me it feels like the balancing of thoughts, needs, wills, words and actions. Like building the life you can exist inside comfortably, becoming comfortably complete, even with its imperfections. I feel more for my needs now. I feel more for my core … Continue reading Maturity, the end of confusion?


Today, predominantly within the western world, survival techniques have developed, of which obstructing many of our natural emotions. With tears associated with weakness and excitement perceived as immaturity, our natural emotions are hidden behind sensible suits, false answers and crooked smiles. Psychology is becoming more understood and respected each and every day, not only this … Continue reading Uncomfortable?

Rhythmic Pause

Transition for settling down, centering and bringing the attention to your body. Something that we don’t often experience; since we only have connection to our bodies when we are either too tired after working out, sitting all day long in front of a screen at work, or, more pleasantly, while having sex -which is then, … Continue reading Rhythmic Pause

too far gone?

A perfectly peaceful place; waves crashing, trees blowing in the wind, the sound of epic silence runs through prodigious valleys. Not a single word is spoken, not a fume in sight, just a simply idyllic space filled with the self-sustainable environment of its core. The world has been forever turning since its birth in our … Continue reading too far gone?

anxious minds

Acceptance is key in discovering your own mystery, all that shame and too much blame, unnecessarily shaping reality. . Unknowingly affected Ignorance is bliss, But the truth of the matter proves the opposite of this. . Something seen in many but not often found, naively with their head in the ground. . Realisation occurs once … Continue reading anxious minds