Lost in Nostalgia

A long time ago, they used to spend their balmy summer days as lovers by the lakeside. One day he ran to the lake to see her floating there, her white dress stained red. He dove into the lake and drew her up and held her in his arms. She opened her eyes, with a … Continue reading Lost in Nostalgia


The human being is fundamentally alone, he can not escape this truth. We try to flee this thought by building relationships with other human beings, we disappear within the other to distract us from ourselves. But our solitude is unavoidable and when that relationship falls apart, we fall apart. The fatality of death and loneliness … Continue reading FRAGMENTS

Ambitions complicated relationship with contentment

As children we’re told to “follow our dreams” and “reach for the stars”. Most of us are encouraged to achieve our full potential and to live a life that will make us happy, yet everyone has a different version of happiness. In order to be happy we make choices, choose friends, careers, where we live, … Continue reading Ambitions complicated relationship with contentment

When did our world become so ugly ?

When did our world become so ugly ? Where did people learn to be so cruel ? That they end up trading insults in some reality TV duel ? When did it become normal to crave the brand names of a rich elite ? Yet failing to notice people sleeping rough, dying on our streets. … Continue reading When did our world become so ugly ?

Healing Death Trauma with Psychedelics

I have been using plant medicines and other psychedelics for many years now. And for the last 3 years, they have been the main focus of many aspects of my life. I have been on a journey of learning and self-discovery because of my interest in them, and have been catapulted into an amazingly fascinating … Continue reading Healing Death Trauma with Psychedelics

Back to known hoods

  Going back Is actually sometimes going forwards When you know the faces And the places The streets, the traffic The noise, the scents Which way the wind blows The time you have to Wrap your scarf once more The memories that jump in front of you Sensations which awakened And which not. This time. … Continue reading Back to known hoods

How much of your free will is really yours?

Loud, offensive, stumpy sounds attack your eardrums; as yet another day is about to begin. It's time to get up. You scramble to find your personalised technological best friend to end this nonsense noise; so eventually you can start your day in peace. Realising you don't have enough battery to listen to your favourite podcast … Continue reading How much of your free will is really yours?

Maturity, the end of confusion?

What does maturity feel like to you? Maturity comes in various ways. To me it feels like the balancing of thoughts, needs, wills, words and actions. Like building the life you can exist inside comfortably, becoming comfortably complete, even with its imperfections. I feel more for my needs now. I feel more for my core … Continue reading Maturity, the end of confusion?


Today, predominantly within the western world, survival techniques have developed, of which obstructing many of our natural emotions. With tears associated with weakness and excitement perceived as immaturity, our natural emotions are hidden behind sensible suits, false answers and crooked smiles. Psychology is becoming more understood and respected each and every day, not only this … Continue reading Uncomfortable?

what are we doing here?!

A floating planet in the middle of nowhere, completely baffling to put into perspective;  often the reasons behind our planets existence along with our own get swept under the rug as we continue with our day to day activities. The big bang theory is the main theory that everyone in this day and age is … Continue reading what are we doing here?!