The Language Farm

From April to October I would find myself away from the stressors of the modern world, immersed in a place of which nothing else outside it existed. In the heart of Germany a little country of its own has been formed, where the English language is preferred, fires keep you warm at night and technology … Continue reading The Language Farm

Ambitions complicated relationship with contentment

As children we’re told to “follow our dreams” and “reach for the stars”. Most of us are encouraged to achieve our full potential and to live a life that will make us happy, yet everyone has a different version of happiness. In order to be happy we make choices, choose friends, careers, where we live, … Continue reading Ambitions complicated relationship with contentment

Cuteness comes at a cost..

With a quarter of dogs owned in the UK now being classed as ‘Brachycephalic’ (short-faced), vets around the UK are more than ever, being faced by a rising problem – helping dogs to breath. I have been a qualified veterinary surgeon for just over 7 months and have already been bombarded with the problems these … Continue reading Cuteness comes at a cost..