Self-Doubt; Sit With Me.

Evil, sly, existence
Living somewhere within
Your sludge deep inside of me
Navigating my path with your sins.
So self righteous and destructive
Such a nightmare to endure
I start to create, then somehow,
end up a pathetic pile on the floor.
Release me from your grips
Those claws imbedded in my brain
Set me free from your judgment
Release me from my shame.

The calm beauty and persistence
Acceptance of how you cope
Too young to ever understand
The realisations too bespoke
Locked away in the darkness
No ability to comprehend
Your voice is growing ever more
Always fighting to take the stand
Not this time, I am strong
But more importantly, relaxed
I’ll never take you seriously
Take a seat, just sit back.
You are welcome to sit beside me
You are welcome to observe
But never will you have again
The option to be truly heard.

– Evie Pardoe

– Natalya P (artwork)

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