Photos From Quarantine

When quarantine first started, I was so excited to have all this free time to explore new hobbies. I began playing with paints, baking and I picked up my little digital camera and started taking photos of the things around me. I felt so inspired by the constantly changing light and shadows in my little flat.

I decided to compile these photos into a series called ‘Photos from Quarantine March-April 2020’ (how original, I know!). It’s a collection of the little moments of beauty I had time to notice now that I had slowed down: the way the shadows of dying daffodils fell on the kitchen table, the way the toaster glows in the dark, the way the sunlight shines through basil leaves, watching the full moon rise, a slice of pink sunset glowing on the wall.

It’s a nice feeling to be inspired by the world around us, even when your world is constrained to the rooms of your house.

After a lot of contemplation and worry that I wasn’t good enough and “I’m not a professional photographer, what gives me the right to make these prints?”, I finally decided to just go for it and I got some postcard-sized (6″x4″) prints made. If you are interested in owning one of these little prints, I’ve listed them on my Etsy shop, click here to visit.

p.s Please share your art with the world, because I promise you it is worth sharing and it is good enough!


daffodil shadowsbasilbenchblue sky and winter treesfairylightspink moon april 2020slice of sunsettoasty glow

Poppy Rose 

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