Dull ache and pressure felt in my chest,
The only remedy to sit down and rest.
Ribs feeling bruised, aching and sore,
Headache hard breathing impossible to ignore.

A wave of symptoms followed by a calm,
Of no symptoms at all this virus is no harm.
And then all of a sudden from out of the blue,
The first stanza hits without warning you.

Hour by hour and day by day,
Leads your mentality in to complete disarray.
Of when will this stop is it going to end?
Because the fluctuation of symptoms is driving me round the bend!

But a week has passed and no change for me,
I’ve even double dosed my vitamin C.
Let’s hope by this time next week in the sun,
I am feeling better and can go for a run!

No real symptoms from Boris’ list,
Or are these just some that he may have missed?
The varying extent of this covid-19,
I wish I could hibernate and enter a dream!


– Joshua. Hextell

– Alex Allcock

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