Note To Self…


I must remember that I, 

the self, 

does not exist.


It’s just a concept


I am everything around me

I am consciousness 

I am awareness


All of the things used to describe me belong to themselves

I am not attached to ‘the self’

I am simply this…



I am space

I am peace

I am nothing


I cannot be depression


I cannot be anxiety


They are themselves.


I can experience them,

I can see them in the distance

I can watch them disappear, 

But they are not me.


 I am evolving

I am never ending… 


This is my vehicle, 

of which I am grateful for

But it is not me. 


I am everything

But I do not belong

I am ever changing

I do not sing only one song


I am the ocean 

As we take each breath 

I am in motion 

Not going to any certain place,


 just yet.


– Evie Pardoe

– (Art work) Steven Kelly

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