The Coexist Project spawned from an idea I had about three years ago. I was looking at how mainstream street and sportswear has become incorporated in our day to day clothing. I thought instead of seeing a logo purely promoting the brand, why not use the branding to help promote a positive universal message?

Since then, the Coexist Project was born.

It started with a limited edition T-Shirt, from there, a sweater was released, then a few more tees and more recently Coexist Tattoos also joined the line-up. The message is simple, not only meaning to promote the idea of harmonious living, but to actually nod to the notion of listening to each other. Giving an open ear to people that are different to yourself in an attempt to understand our different perspectives, experiences and conclusions, by using the concept of branding as a tool to bring a universal, progressive thought to everyday.

This year’s update of the project is almost ready, with a new t-shirt, hoody and tattoo designs available within the next few weeks. The clothing is all produced as part of The Fair Share project. This guarantees that the employees in factory in India are paid a fair living wage. Not only this but the printing is all done locally, at an artist run print studio in Neukölln, Berlin.

Currently, a percentage from each sale will go towards a mental health charity called The Hart Club in London. This foundation provides artistic opportunities, workshops and support for people and artists across the mental health spectrum.

For anyone interested in joining the project please drop me a message via Instagram @Joe.Draws.Things or email

For more information on The Fair Share Project Click Here


The Coexist Project: 2020, tees & hoodies – available soon.



– Joe Cummins / Joe.Draws.Things

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