Saw The Sails Come Down

I wrote and recorded Saw The Sails Come Down over the last 2 weeks at my home in Melbourne after all our Australian and European touring plans were cancelled with the band due to the current global pandemic.

I wanted to do something positive, to keep moving so to speak, while being stuck in Australia. The message of this song is positive, it’s about having hope, looking out for each other, being good to each other.

I’m releasing this song independently, on a pay what you like basis. I want people to have this song for free if they like, and I hope to bring something positive into people’s homes in these strange times.

The photo on the cover is by South African photographer Willem van den Heever, and my regular partner-in-crime Rosa Mercedes sang backing vocals.


Ed Fraser – Band Camp link


– Ed Fraser (Rosa Mercedes backing singer)

– Willem van den Heever (photography)


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