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Since the lock-downs began, The Berlin Compost, who’s tagline is ‘we often forget we are nature’, has been sharing something nature related each and every day to help inspire and keep many readers sane whilst they stay isolated. The creator, Laura Karimloo is forever researching and exploring in nature, knowing first hand just how powerful it can truly be. It can be difficult being so disconnected from nature, especially when it’s not an option, so these ‘Nature Doses’ have really aimed to connect those locked away with the outside world. Here is a list of the videos, photos and articles shared so far, click on the title of each one to explore nature from the comfort of your home; we can’t wait for more!

Nature Dose #1  

One Breath Around The World” ~ A short documentary; “Turn out the light, put your headphones on and freedive with me around the world”. Without the aid of supplied air, French freediving champion Guillaume Néry plunges into the ocean’s hidden depths, revealing remarkable views of marine geology and wildlife around the globe. Happy Sunday!

Nature Dose #2

This is Your Brain on Nature” – An article from National Geographic on the positive effects of nature on our mental well-being. “Measurements of stress hormones, respiration, heart rate, and sweating suggest that short doses of nature—or even pictures of the natural world—can calm people down.” Happy Monday!

Nature Dose #3

Moonlight” by NASA ~ A short video of a lunar day accompanied by music. (Even more wonderful on a projector!)

“This visualization attempts to capture the mood of Claude Debussy’s best-known composition, Clair de Lune (Moonlight in French). Clair is quiet, contemplative, and slightly melancholy, evoking the feeling of a solitary walk through a moonlit garden.” Happy Tuesday night!

Nature Dose #4 

Naturalia” by photographer Jonathan Jimenez ~ A photo series showing how nature has reclaimed our abandoned places. “Decaying buildings remind us of the inevitable process of history. Eventually the wild world reclaims what it once called its own…”

Nature Dose #5

Bark” by Cedric Pollet ~ A short article from Brain Pickings about a French photographer who travels the world to document the most beautiful tree barks.
“..a hauntingly beautiful, textured piece of living matter that looks like the skin of some magnificent mythical dragon.”

Nature Dose #6

Sanctuaries of Silence” with Acoustic Ecologist Gordon Hempton ~ A Virtual Reality short film that takes you on an immersive journey into one of Earth’s last remaining bastions of true quiet – the Hoh Rainforest.

“..The simple act of listening to the natural world can profoundly impact our relationship to place, rooting us in a presence that we otherwise often take for granted.”

Nature Dose #7

The Lookout” with Leif Haugen ~ A short film with beautiful scenes and storytelling, about a fire lookout in a remote corner of the Flathead National Forest in Montana, where each summer Leif lives and works alone on top of a mountain.

“..the more time I have by myself, the more I love our world. You try and carry down what’s beautiful and wonderful about this, an experience that gives me a whole different outlook on the way I want to undertake and appreciate my life.” Some solitude for our solitude

Nature Dose #8

Butterfly Wings” an ongoing project by Chris Perani ~ A macro photography series that captures the enchanting insects up close in incredible microscopic detail, revealing abstract views of their magical colours and stunning patterns.

“..the exploration of microscopic photography proves the tiniest creature holds texture that rivals any glacier, or vibrancy matching any sunset…sometimes you have to take a closer look to appreciate everything around us.”

Nature Dose #9

Islandia” by videographer Vadim Sherbakov ~ A short drone film that highlights the breathtaking beauty of Iceland’s natural landscape, where vast fjords, rushing waterfalls, and winding rivers cut through the island’s rugged terrain.
“ will be transported to a place that easily could be a million years ago…this film shows the unparalleled beauty of Iceland and its unearthly glory.”

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– Laura Karimloo – The Berlin Compost 


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