Pandemic Poetry


It seemed so far away almost untrue,
Will it get nearer, when will it affect you?
Infectious by nature, infectious by name,
Human population all thinking the same.

A shift in energy for better or for worse?
Media have portrayed it as if it’s a curse.
With a fever and cough just like a cold,
It’s time for communities to take a hold.

The vulnerable and elderly, pregnant and ill.
Self isolation, world at a stand still.
But let’s take the positives in which there’s a few,
Creativity at its best, let’s see what you can do?

Pick up a book, read and imagine.
Draw and make music remember the passion.
As soon as this stops don’t conform as before,
As another pandemic may knock at your door.



Like nothing is happening, all arrogant and cruel,
For Boris and his government to bring in rules.

Of 2 metres distance from strangers and friends,
But of course we know better, when will this end?

But we flocked to the parks and ignored the advice,
Meeting up with people even though it’s not right.

With the pandemic accelerating, selfish people still queue,
With some ignorant belief that it won’t affect you.

So we’ve stepped up measures to keep us secure,
Stay in your homes and shut the front door.

It’s like we’ve been grounded, because we were thick,
Ignored the advice, and made many more sick.

So a lock-down in motion, to prevent the spread,
To help the NHS and the numbers of dead!



Symptoms are striking, a scary time for all,
14 day isolation, after giving 111 a call.

The household has been hit with a cough and chills,
Lethargy, no smell, even put off meals.

Working from home has been quiet and calm,
Like Shakespeare’s tempest before the storm.

Whilst occupying your mind from the negative press,
Exercise, yoga and mindfulness.

Free courses in abundance, I’m evolving my brain.
For when we come out of this and into the fast lane.

Jigsaws and puzzles, PlayStation and books,
Release yourself from the covid-19 hook.

Meditation is key, to free ones mind.
From this savage world we live in is it earths sign?

For us humans to rest and reflect on our existence,
Less cars and planes and overall emissions.

But to really stay healthy you must find deep within,
A sense of security, peace without sin.

If there was one thing to remember for a while,
Covid-19 is not as infectious as a smile!


– Joshua Hextell

– Natalya P. (Art work)

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