H O’Neill

Slowly raising our gaze
Heart lowers sharp
As we meet A reflection we forgot we knew
Dark, off black
Bluish lipped
Beady red eyes
Ill equipped
To face its own dark realities
We move forward
Don’t worry
Worry faster
lock the ports ?
the borders ?
Certainly your door though
Inwardly seeking
For our common spirit
Agreeing on humanity
Or do we?
Herd tactics
To extra dramatics
Come days insane
Lackluster of game
Our lungs now burn too
Sorry mother
Looking in
Look in
Look down at our young skin
That harbors the power
To shatter the sun
And Dawn it’s shining diamonds
Forgetting there’s a world it’s suppose to shine on
Look further in
We can quell this incandescent burning rage
Even better
We can shape it
Illuminate all walls and ceilings
For us to Tend to our sullen young skin
Feel it
It’s been softer
Face the mirror.
Change the reflection.


– H. O’Neill

– Jack Hare (photography)

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