When every morning feels like an inner trial of strength and it takes an uncertain number of hours or days to confront the feelings, the ambivalence of one’s own emotional state is often a reason that stands in the way. The British neo-folk songwriter uses this confusing mixture of emotions to draw new courage from her despair. On February 14th, Sobi releases her new EP “Home One Day”, a collection of 5 songs about the shadows and lights of emotions: about the struggle to push away demons or the privilege of growing up in sheltered protection. “Home One Day” is an ode to all those who experience their own little daily struggle and who draw their inspiration from all the little victories of everyday life. We talked to Sobi about that inspiration:

Can you explain where the inspiration for the EP came from?

The whole EP was inspired by different personal experiences I’ve had and humanity itself. We are all emotional beings and it fascinates me that we can all experience really intense feelings and sometimes feel really alone. Talking about it (or singing about it) helps us all to realize that we’re not alone.

what inspires you to get creative?

Other art and music really inspires me to get creative, especially when it taps into a specific emotion. Often after going to a concert I’ll come home feeling motivated to write and create.

How do you benefit from it?

Writing music is my way of processing difficult emotions and making sense of my feelings. It’s very cathartic for me and I always feel much more at peace once I’ve had a good jam at the piano or on the guitar and written a few lines.

With her natural songwriting, Sobi creates a unique charm and a unique aura around her presence, not only on the songs themselves, but also live, as she proved not only as support for acts like Jamie Lawson, but recently at her own sold-out EP release show. By the way, after the release of the EP, Sobi will take it a bit easier: Appropriately enough, she sings about the maternal protective instinct in her single “Pearl” – now she’s becoming a mummy herself. We congratulate the young family and hope to hear much more of Sobi’s art, which is an important element in all our little emotional battles.



SOBI Home One Day cover


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