Believing it’s what we need

Rather than what we want

Tricked into thought

With an unnecessary response.

Whilst the world burns down

The seas continue to rise

Ignorant people follow suit

Living out their foolish lies.

Deadlines must be met

But for who? 

Or why? 

Generations of rushed people

Never a break

Too busy to feel,

or cry.

With paper in control 

And those idiots at the top

Business men respected

But depressed when they stop.

Meaningless existence 

Chasing power and control

Materialistic freedom

Laughing at those on the dole. 


It all seems so clear

For what the remedy may be

Take a good hard look at ourselves 

And aim to be ego free.

See through your prejudice 

Ignore the stigma attached

Recognise each individual 

And your unrealistic expectations to match.

For all we are really doing

Is running around to compete

Whilst the planet is dying

Thinking ‘ah, but we have it pretty sweet’.

The simple life is the answer

Reducing our wants and needs

Spend less

Work less

And sew more positive seeds.

Because nothing matters when we’re gone

Or the generations to come.

Will they ever arrive? 

After we’ve ruined all their fun?

We are killing off our species

With our ignorance and bliss

The planet will be thankful

Humans will not be missed.


But what if we change

And help each other see.

We have to do something, 

for us humans to continue to be.



– Evie Pardoe

– Eilis Scally (Illustration)

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