Wacky Women

It was a fresh, blissful sunday afternoon, the streets of Berlin were quiet and peaceful; the invasive sounds of sirens had slowed down and the sun shined through the scattered clouds lighting up the faces below. Various women of all different ages and nationalities had gathered in an attempt to open up, understand and engage to help tighten the connection with the community around them.

It wasn’t often that strangers gathered to talk about their deepest fears and vulnerabilities in front of one another, it was actually quite daunting for some to even imagine. It seems that communication and connection is somewhat lacking in todays world, with the introduction of social media pushing us further apart with its platform of a never ending competition of who does it best; it, being life.

But what appears to be missing is the realness of it all, the anxieties and fears, the sadness and depression that knocks you back, the grief that torments you because of the loss of love you once had. It seems that we are in a constant battle against one another, when really we need to become more connected, more empowered and open so we can go through the various struggles we face together, rather than alone.

When those strong women join forces one Sunday a month to discuss their vulnerabilities and struggles, they attempt to break down these unhealthy norms and barriers and instead; listen, respect and help each other.

As we all well know, talking about ourselves isn’t always so easy, so to help loosen everyone up, getting them out of their comfort zone and ready to expose their true selves, the session begins with an act of ridiculousness, whilst wearing a collection of ridiculous headwear.

Now, getting down to business, all sat around with our silly hats, sharing experiences, opening up and letting everyone see a side of you not many know, the energy continues to get stronger, more beautiful and empowering than you can imagine. At the end it is a community connected through the similarities that we hold and the respect we have for the differences we each have within those. For many days after the session the positive vibes push you through the struggles, knowing that you have a support network of amazing minds and are now able to use all of the hot tips each of us have shared.

The need for local action is growing, we need to take responsibility, come together and look out for one another. Wacky Women was created because of a passion for helping and understanding others. I am no professional therapist and I am not telling others how to live there lives. Wacky Women simply provides a safe space for others to open up and help each other through difficult emotions and experiences, so there’s no reason why you couldn’t start something like this too.

If you live in Berlin and would like to come to a Wacky Women session please click attending in the MeetUp event below and message me your number so I can add you to our lovely WhatsApp group…

(if you are male and are also interested we will be doing a wacky men and women session soon too…)


Wacky Women no.3 – Forest Edition

Sunday, Nov 17, 2019, 11:00 AM

Berlin, DE

12 Members Went

Hello fellow Wacky Women! This time all us wacky women will be venturing out into the forest for our session so we can have a double whammy of greatness. Our third edition of wacky women is coming up on the 17th of November where we will meet at 11am at Alexanderplatz and venture out to the forest. For information on where to meet please press…

Check out this Meetup →

– Evie Pardoe


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