All month, week, day my anticipation grew
By you, I knew I’d be enveloped again
Soon as I entered the gates I could smell you
Not everyone’s favorite perfume, maybe
Yet for me Nostalgia and adventure brewed
Up the stairs I could hear mumbling
Was it you?
Or just the chatter of patrons, patriots
Lining up and anticipating night then day
Although I was present and all knowing of your imminent arrival
I couldn’t wait to feel that presence
I say hi to the boys
Who also know your coming
Excited as me they say
All doors now opened
Eventually you enter
I can’t remember exactly when
Between 100 paces and a case of beer
But your here
With grasping pitches and enlightening tones
Now everyone could hear
More powerful then I remember
Now no one person is alone
You weave in and out between the crowd
Lightly touching and brushing shoulders
I couldn’t wait to feel that presence
Inhibition you lift with moon lit eyes
Spirts with sun lit skies
Yes Sometimes I swear I could see you
But I’ll always preach that I can feel you
I can’t wait to feel your presence


– H. O’neill

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