Dermatillomania – Skin Picking disorder

pick pick pick

an obsessive attack

momentary freeze,

no looking back.


Whilst I ruin my face


and back.

Others judgments follow;

what on earth is that?


Look at what you’ve done

You’ll ruin your face

You once looked so pretty

Now its an absolute disgrace




Craving the release

letting go of all the tension

all of the negativity and waste


With no understanding

and mountains of blame

the pressure builds

and so does the shame


Unsure myself

of this obsessive need

wondering why I cant just stop

after I’ve planted the picking seed.


Before I blamed myself,

thinking I was weak

when really it was within.

A weird psychological tweak.


An anxious release

a coping mechanism

but how would others understand

when they just can’t see them.


Attempting to ignore the tricks,

That I have been playing on myself

Noting the feelings that arise

and the thoughts upon the shelf


slowing down the mind

seeing and accepting the tricks

knowing that whats to gain

isn’t really what I think it is.


– Evie Pardoe



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