Take Responsibility Of Your Future

Excited for the future;

whilst ignorant to the truth,

the planet simply won’t function;

your unborn baby unable to let loose.


Be aware of what you’re buying,

only get what you truly need.

Obsessive makeup and disposable fashion,

 such a wasteful ego boosting greed.


Put down that unnecessary t-shirt,

so similar to others you already own,

fashion is the 2nd biggest contributor;

to ruining this planet we call home.


So go and get your clothes fixed,

or get out your sewing machine,

choose to swap clothes with friends

instead of a “recycle bin” that’s more green.


Now, think about what’s in your bathroom

and the plastic containers you buy.

Although it might be hard to change,

it doesn’t mean that you can’t try.


Buy bars of shampoo, conditioner and cream,

order your safety razor of steel,

use a cardboard packaged deodorant;

let’s help rectify this messy climate ordeal.


Now, as for those pearly whites

and the plastic brush and tube,

make a swap for bamboo

and paste in a glass cube.


and when you’re checking out that tasty veg

opt for the ones without a plastic coat

let them free inside your tote bag

instead of the ocean dangerously afloat.


Say no to paper and plastic bags.

Say no to excess things.

Live a more minimalist lifestyle;

find the true beauty that life brings.


The next time you’re off to the shops,

think of the changes you can make,

let’s love this planet a little more

and reduce what we take!


– Evie Pardoe

Zoë Doran (Illustration)

Find beauty/bathroom products at BioBunnies, where they promote beauty for people and our planet…


You can find tote bags in all different kinds of shops, supermarkets, fashion stores.. they aren’t so hard to find so there’s no excuse to use plastic/paper bags again.

You can get loose veggies from the market or some supermarkets

Here are some useful websites you might like:


How to use a menstrual cup


zero waste shops near you


Learn more with – Plan A Academy

Plan A is the first climate driven-data action platform in the fight against climate change and their academy provides you with the reports from the climate action front! They organise various talks on different topics, with their most recent talk and discussion on Zero Waste, with talks from BioBunnies, Tripwoman, Zero Waste Berlin International and Devista

Spread the word.

The climate crisis is not going to get any better without our help, let’s start taking more individual responsibility and reduce the need for plastic production.



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