Compromise is a wonderful thing
Just think of all the peace it brings
You’re at each others throats all day
With no one wanting to give way.
You are right; they are wrong
The argument is oh so long!
Yet with thought and consideration
You can get past this situation.
Listen to their point of view
See what they are going through
Put across your thoughts and feelings
Help them understand your leanings
A little bending here and there
No need to think it’s so unfair.
It doesn’t hurt to just back down
Give way and find a middle ground.
So when your anger builds inside
Don’t rant and rave and close your mind
Don’t shout and stomp, get in a stew,
Not everybody thinks like you.
Just take a breath…
think a while
A compromise brings back that smile.
– Nicola Humphreys
– Yvie Ratzmann – (Featured Photograph)

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