Nature had far more time to produce the diversity of life; with everything evolving from a micro-fish; the most resilient algorithm is passed on, creating a ‘core demographic’. Free from control of any outside power; protected by imaginary glass domes surrounded by fringe societies who are exposed to the harsh realities of life itself.

Colonies of human petri-dishes, controlled by core cliques.

Each cabal fabricates a mythology to hold them together, variety of tall-tales stitched up through a vast network of ‘storytellers’, creating diverse perceptions and realities. But when the rhetoric’s and fairy-tales are challenged to their very core; it ushers in dystopia.

Even in chaos, during an apocalypse, without anesthesia, the only way to perform surgery is to distract the sick and the dying with a good story. Stories give and take life, the gods of all gods — storytellers are anesthesia.


– Lope Navo

– Lope Navo (Featured Photograph – Rio)


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