To Prove A Point

Dad always says there are a lot of perks to living on a farm as big as ours. For starters, our closest neighbour is a five-hour drive. Dad hates our neighbour. He forgets the trip to the general store is about the same distance. It doesn’t have everything you need, but sometimes it does. Calling ahead is usually a smart idea. He also says that we should be proud to drink milk from our own cows and that we bake our own bread. But I never see him bake, and it’s not like he built that truck he’s always yapping on about. I checked, it’s made in Japan, haven’t told him that yet. Apparently school’s not as fun as it looks on TV, Dad and Mum both went to one. I wouldn’t mind going to a real school but I don’t mind learning on the Internet either. Only real annoying thing about it is I get all these ads when I’m tryin’ to learn and it’s not like they’re gonna come all the way to Whoop Whoop to deliver a fidget spinner anyway. Dad says we shouldn’t buy new things if we don’t need them; we have to cherish everything we’ve got. He’s always going on about fixing stuff: ‘if it’s broken, fix it. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. It was pretty funny, last week Dad ripped his pants fixing his truck, you could see his whole bum! He got so embarrassed he ran to the barn to sew them up. Best part about it is that he managed to get most of it done but then lost the needle in all the hay we’ve been stocking for winter. Mum laughed harder than I did, she reckons if she sewed them properly they’d stay good until summer- when all the hay was gone. At first I thought it was all too funny, hearing him yell all day from the barn. Now I feel kinda bad, I mean, it’s been a 2 weeks and he still hasn’t found it. They look like they could tear again any moment now… maybe I should offer to help. Poor guy, spending all his free time trying to find our only sewing needle.


– Tom Kongats

– Yvie Ratzmann – photography

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