The Control Freak Inside


The deceptive truth

wandering eyes

an elusive spook.


Unaware of the threat

to you and your sanity.

with a grasp so tight

hoping to be released from its tyranny


Whilst only getting deeper

falling into its trap,

A juxtaposed mind

Neither this, neither that


A new world imagined

due to a love of the tight hold

unrealistic truths 

with nothing left to unfold.


A predicted future

taken as fact.

Smiles all around

until the control gets hacked.


The wrong turn recognised

perspectives readjust,

Decoy reset

a little unsure on what to trust


Deciding not to run,

to appreciate what is.

The once frantic mind

now reminded of the hidden bliss


Realistic with plans

and what it is that needs to change

an honest introspective search

to see whats really within range.


Taking each step as it comes

letting go of the grasp

believing in your true self;

and only trusting in that.


– Evie Pardoe

– Rachel Davies (Illustration)




















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