Summer In The Shade



Winters can be tough in the city.

The seemingly endless cycle of short days and cold nights force people hurrying through the streets to escape the outside; hidden in layers of scarves, hats and coats. The light that filters between the buildings is grey with breath ghosts in frozen air.

Summer is a distant idea, a half forgotten memory of colours and scents that linger in the hot, thick air. Of the dappled light that falls through trees to create pools of sun that demand afternoons spent beside the waterside. We cling to the thought of being still and warm and at rest on endless evenings where everything feels possible.

Slowly winter gives way to spring and then it’s summer.

We begin to feel the heat.

Our winter desires have become a reality and, as the sun climbs into empty blue skies, we hide from it. We seek out shadows and the coolest side of the pavement where the heat of the sun is less like a heavy breath down the back of your neck.

For months we’ve waited for the sun to shine, only to sit in the shade when it does.


– Jack Hare

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