The living dead.

Seemingly normal

with a weird tangy taste,

our time together

never went to waste.


Always you and me,

me and you,

merged into one.


A connection so strong,

how could it go wrong?


Completely and utterly,



As reality hits.

I’m not sure who really exists.

But as time goes by,

hidden routines come out to say Hi…


Our number 1 hits,

Our synchronised living.

Our intimate snuggles

and our year long thanks giving.


The utter genius

The adventures unknown,

The best advice given

All natural and home grown


Feeling more like myself

only brings you back.

The connection lost,

now getting back on track


As I rap in the darkness

chat shit until its light

you are there to keep me warm,

holding me nice and tight.


As I dance in the forest

have chats with the trees

your eyes looking back at me

putting me at ease.


Death is a blunt bitch

The type you choose to avoid,

wishing things were different,

unwillingly entering the void.


But this doesn’t have to be

when you realise the truth

death is the only thing you can rely on

and those who left,


never left you.


– Evie Pardoe (for Adzee Merai)





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