Polycystic ovary syndrome

PCOS, whats that? they chime
My periods are irregular, they never show up on time.

PCOS? they say, ‘another made up condition’. An excuse to be overweight, another denial mission.

My hormones are out of whack, I try to explain, and when I do menstruate it’s excruciating pain.

PCOS is ‘just cysts’ or so they think, no idea my whole body feels totally out of sync.

Another syndrome to add to the list, but it isn’t life threatening, so it’s easily dismissed.

PCOS, the latent condition. Little known why our body makes us feel less like women.

Excess androgens, more testosterone than we can bare, failure to ovulate and excess hair. Weight gain that’s rapid, even when we do our best. Another unwanted acne spot upon our chest.
Hot flashes in the night, put on the fan, ignoring the fact it’s the middle of Jan. Anxiety that hits you like a slap in the face, all because our hormones are totally out of place.

Another pregnancy test, another negative sigh. You try to remain positive, but it’s hard not to cry. Some of us have babies and for that we’re blessed, we didn’t think secondary infertility would have us so stressed. Then theres the woman who’s never seen two pink lines, and it’s clear to tell from her watery eyes. Another month down, another chance disappeared, feeling like a failure in a sea of tears. Miscarriage is more common with PCOS, staying pregnant can sometimes can be a bit of a test.

Fatigue, depression these are symptoms too and hopefully you’ll see now I’m not quite the same as you. 1 in 10 women, it isn’t rare but sometimes the feelings make you lonely, in despair. Do people think I’m greedy and that’s why I’m so fat? Can I distract from my facial hair if I wear this hat?

So next time you hear of this elusive syndrome, remember these words and let it hit home. Women battle this condition all be it silent, hormones unbalanced, raging and violent. Fighting a battle under their skin, battling PCOS demons that lie deep within.


– Megan Mulholland

– Zoë Doran (artwork)

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