Cities are full of abandoned things.

You can find them propped against fences, stuffed away just out of sight, laying in the gutter. There is a sadness about things that have been abandoned. At some point they had a purpose and, if they were lucky, they were good at what they were supposed to do. Then, for one reason or another, they’re not needed anymore and they’re cast out, without a second thought.

There is a certain bleakness to an abandoned mattress.

You see them folded over, stained and sodden from the rain, all frayed, with the springs poking out, the complete opposite of what we want, what we need from a mattress. But before they found themselves wet and neglected on the street, the mattress had a job. A very simple and easy job – to be of comfort. People spend hours choosing the right mattress, not too hard, not too soft; after all, why not. We spend a lot of time with our mattress, we grow to love it and look forward to evenings spent together.

When we sleep, at our most vulnerable, they are our protection.

We spill things on our mattress – drinks, secrets, love, and the mattress soaks it all up, without judgment. Hearts can be broken and fixed, dreams and nightmares can become a reality, but still we find comfort in that mattress every night.

Until something just isn’t right anymore and that mattress isn’t what it used to be. So the search for something new begins, a new feeling of comfort, security and support. Your old mattress isn’t needed anymore.

You throw it out.

You can see them everywhere – propped up against a lamppost, discarded underneath a bridge. Often there will be graffiti on them, a political slogan or just a stain with an unknown origin. But every abandoned mattress has been a comfort to somebody at one time until it’s left out to become a soapbox, a canvas or just a piece of rubbish that’s easy to walk past and ignore.


– Jack Hare
– Berlin
– Olympus Mju II
– Portra 400

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