A Timeless Glance



I wonder who he sees when he looks out at me?
Does he see a lost child or divinity staring through me?
Seen he has, many a night and many a days,
Until all his years hath fade.
His wrinkled brow and hair silvery white,
Reminding of a life just passing by.

Hither and tither, ponder and wander
Merry go round’in in this sea of wonder.
Light and dark are dancing merry,
Making love in this fiery ecstacy.
What shall I, be remembered for?
The gold, the merry, the power of youth?
The wars I won or the kingdoms I loot?
Or matters is, who’s life I touched, who’s pain I numbed? Who’s heart I won?

A wave after wave is who you truly are,
So ride the rhythm of this life, divine,
and be one with the eternal sky.
Walk each other home with a smile and bloom ,
Poised to restore on this Earth, heaven for doom.
Find your lodging in the ‘Here and Now’,
Beyond words can point and eyes can see,
Reclaim this truth and set your ‘self’ free.

– Karan Singh

Karan Singh Instagram


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