Casual Terror.

Trapped inside,


morally postponed.

I wait.


Not going out,

The fear creating doubt,

I resist, it grows.

I wait.


Letting go of it all

trusting in the uncomfortable fall,

to freedom.

I wait.


Open your mind,

your heart

and your soul,

watch, exposed

as life can now unfold.


Now, able to do,

without having to know the clue.

I climb.


Pushing through the mental pain,

see it strengthened by my physical gain.

I climb.


Terrified at the top,

wanting for it all to stop.

I climb.


As I push through,

Unaware of what I was able to do

I climb.


Shaking with fear,

no longer from within,

pushing on once again,

I climb.


Empowered by a passion,

Without any room for doubt,

I climb.

I grow.


I win again.



– Evie Pardoe



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