Polaris and the Traveler


Oh my dear Polaris
How I seek you

In the noise of the lurid lights
You elude me
Seldom the dawn’s devious whisper
Gifts me your glow

You play hide and seek
In the dark cotton fields
The sailors wait impatiently
As the tidal winds blow

The meteors race around
In their yearly absurd dance
And yet you hang still
I wonder what for

Myths of your beauty
Have followed me around
In my dreams
And my journeys outdoor

As the sun begins to set
And the path begins to fade
All I need to do
Is to find the Little Bear

So I still seek you,
Oh dear Polaris, because,
For humble travellers like me
I heard you’re always there





Oh my humble traveler
How I crave you

The sultry lights
Plague my purity,
For the dark’s muted arrival
I patiently wait

The sailor’s thirsty eyes
Haunt me, and to
The sacred shadows, I run
Waiting my fate

The meteors enjoy their
Raunchy loud lives
No meaning, no love
No elusive fantasy

Eons have passed,
As will some more
Continue to burn, I will
Till one day you see

Deep into the woods
Lost and spent
My light will guide you home
And kill the fear

So I still crave you,
Oh humble traveler, because
For lonely stars like me
You are the only one here


– Aakash Dharma

– Rachel Davies (illustration)

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