Meditation Snippet no.6 – Visualisation

Visualisations in meditation are often a really useful way of inviting in and embodying new perspectives, feelings and emotions. It can help lighten your load by seeing how the power of your imagination and thoughts can change how you feel at that very moment. It gives you that motivation to change your thoughts when you get a little lost in negativity or when you feel really low, lonely or anxious. It is a great skill to learn to be able to broaden your awareness and take the control back that we often lose from time to time (or a lot of the time).

It is not about disappearing into a dream world, but more about opening your imagination and giving yourself a big juicy hug that warms up your body and soul, bringing a smile to your face, appreciating yourself for who you are.

So let’s begin…

Finding yourself in a calm, clean and quiet space, where no one is going to distract you, sit down in an upright, wakeful position, either with your legs crossed or with your feet flat on the ground.

As you begin to go into the meditation, breathing deeply, in and out; relax your eyes and your mind; slowly turning your attention inward.

Finding yourself settling into the present moment, noticing each breath as it builds up and slowly releases itself, see it flow in and out, again, and again, and again.

Now that you are further into the meditation, perhaps with a calm or busy mind, either way, thats fine, you’ve committed some time to look after your brain so, relax into it, be pleased with yourself and know that even deciding to do this is a win.

Taking the attention away from the breath, I want you to begin to imagine what it feels like to be sat alone somewhere; to be quite cold, feeling the excessive space around you, and as you sit there it becomes a little uncomfortable. You begin to notice a beam of sunlight hit your lower body, warming you up instantaneously.

Slowly, you feel it move further up your body, noticing how each part of your body that it touches it dissolves any stiffness, loneliness and eventually the warmth is felt throughout your entire body; feeling so relaxed and at peace, knowing that there is nothing you would change it that moment.

(If you find it difficult, think of a time where you were outside in the sun, in your happy place, with the perfect warmth as if it were giving you a hug; take yourself back there.)

As you become more comfortable with this feeling; try and relax into it, there shouldn’t be too much effort; just allowing yourself to rest in it’s awareness; in the warm spaciousness, with such ease and confidence, feeling totally and utterly safe with whats in this very moment, but also with whats to come.

Try to sit with it for as long as possible, if you find your mind wandering off onto something else, bring it back to that feeling of the sunbeam nourishing your entire body.

If you find that difficult, bring yourself back to the breath and then to the feelings of warmth.

After doing this for ten minutes or more; notice the little smile in the corner of your mouth, or the relaxed feeling of your once tense muscles, see the new found trust you have in simply existing, believing once again in yourself and your future.

Bringing yourself back to your body again, and the sounds around you, before opening your eyes take some time to remember that this feeling is within you and have confidence in whatever is to come.

– Evie Pardoe

– Georgia Ginnivan (photograph)


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