Un-prove Your Point

It seems we can’t all be right,

opposing opinions,

different minds,

ending in a pointless fight.


Hate continues to have no need,

fuelling frustration,

wasting time,

an existence of excessive greed.


What’s right to you,

a delight to you,

your life’s passion.


offensive opinions

defined by what you love

your experience,

you sit there,

looking down from above.


ego’s built up,

ego’s attacked,

anger uncovered,

stubborn minds clash.


putting you to the side

find the genuine interest that lies.


you can’t always be right,

with the mind clenched up nice and tight.


Approach each conversation with an open mind,

let go,

loosen up,

you’ll never be so easily defined.


– Evie Pardoe

– Yvie Ratzmann (photography)






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