Meditation Snippets no.5 – Gratitude

With each meditation you can focus on a different topic.

Gratitude is a topic that is extremely useful in enabling you to be more aware of the great things that you already have in your life, slowly taking you away from any stress, anger, anxiety, upset or disappointment, simply lightening life’s load.

So let’s begin…

Find yourself a quiet place to sit where you won’t be interrupted.

Sitting either on a chair with a straight back and your feet touching the floor, or crossed legged on the ground, also with a straight back, ensuring that you won’t accidentally drop off to sleep (try not to make yourself too comfortable).


If you like you can put an alarm on your phone to bring you back into the real world, or you can just go for as long as you please.


Now as you close your eyes, bring a slight smile to your face, and simply sit with that feeling.

As you begin to settle, start with some nice deep breaths, focussing on what you can feel as you breath in, and as you breath back out.



Now that you’ve gotten yourself nice and relaxed, however long that may have taken, I want you to try to let go, and to not focus on anything at all, welcoming a nice and clear mind.



After you have managed to do this, I want you to bring the face of one person of which you are really grateful for in your life right now. This might be a family member, a friend, or perhaps a stranger that helped you in some way or another.

Now, focus on your body, and how even just picturing this person in your mind has made you feel. Perhaps you feel much lighter, or you experience some sort of tingle or vibration; sit with those feelings and embrace the gratitude you have for everything that person is.

While doing this, your mind might wander, if it does, that’s 100% ok, be kind to yourself and bring yourself back to the image of that person, or to the breath and then back to picturing the person you were before.



After resting in awareness and focussing on the gratitude you have for that person, take the focus back to the breath.


After taking a few more natural breaths, bring your attention to a recent time where someone has done something kind for you, perhaps something small or could be much bigger. Go back to that memory and remember exactly how that made you feel, allowing yourself to rest in those feelings/emotions.



Giving yourself time to revel in those emotions, bring yourself back when it feels right. you can also then go on to think of any other times where someone has shown you love, kindness or compassion, and again, sit with those feelings and emotions.


As you come to the end of your meditation, let go of any attention and sit quietly in peace, opening your eyes when you are ready to do so.

As you pause before you start the next thing planned, take some time to write down anything you are grateful for right now.



Throughout the rest of your day, if you’re feeling a little lost in your mind, experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness or any other troubling emotion, think about all of the different things that you are grateful for.

It has been found that starting and finishing your day by writing at least 5 things that you are grateful for can improve your mood and make the rest of your day much easier to handle.


I am grateful for the time you have taken to read this.


– Evie Pardoe

– Stefano Dili (photography)





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