Beth Redwood Pain

rhythms of love
The Rhythms of Love

Angry. Upset. Confused. Stressed. Anxious. Fraudulent. I was spinning. So I went to hobby craft, picked up the biggest canvas I could find along with some paints. Drove home. Turned up the music. Listened to my soul. And started painting. I let go. I released. I was free. Love makes you enter some of the most passionate galaxies. And then the dark can loom. Through my heart and said goodbye.

Getting my flow

Like a weight had risen off my shoulders and released some sort of new passion inside my belly. My next painting was stirring. Be your own creator allow to flow in the depths of your despair and create something beautiful from it. Find it in your soul. And let it free.

My heartache at 12am

Holding onto this extra momentum. I kept failing. This painting actually holds seven layers of different paintings, and underneath all the soul searching I discovered a love can be lost but never forgotten.

Dancing like I don’t care

I’m swirling and twirling with the stars. If you can’t see me now, you never will.


A clear mind knows ones destination through all the clutter

You will be challenged everyday. Remember, it’s an experience.

– Beth Redwood Pain

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