Don’t know why


You don’t know

how warm it gets

inside the cage

between the ribs,

frantic heatwaves.

Not spreading around

and not escaping out

no shining,

but just burning.

The lust, the pain

you don’t know to which root

these branches belong to,

can’t trace down,

hanging in space

İ don’t know what it means to get emotional.


İ don’t know why I get so emotional.

I don’t know if I feel too much

İf I go through more intensely

İf so, why so?

And if so,

to think it through,

of how to go through

and what I can do

with the stamina,

tame -ambitious

I would like to know.


Which feeling I am going through

what is this, that makes

my heart wave


Blind sail

I would like to know

What it means

To feel this way

To comprehend

The companion.


In my cold bed


– Burcu Bakac

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