Let’s Help!

In August 2018, in Berlin at  Maybachufer canal in Kreuzberg, I saw a homeless man try to commit suicide.

With no sense of hesitation and only one destination, the man jumped into the canal fully clothed, and began to push himself  further and further under the surface of the murky, brown water.

After we watched with complete shock, a few of us ran over to help; with one selfless stranger diving in to drag him out to ‘safety’.

Society is continuing to push certain people further and further out into complete desperation. We need to come together as earthlings and help each other out.

We have created a GoFundMe page to help our fellow earthlings who have found themselves homeless, providing them with access to food, toiletries and hopefully much more.

We will also provide you with all of the information you need to start doing this yourself. Many people I know, including myself, have always wanted to help the homeless, but have never known where to start. This often leading to the conclusion of “there are charities helping them anyway, they don’t need my help”; but this couldn’t be more wrong, and we need to focus more on the help and support we can provide as individuals. So we will do all of the research needed, providing everyone with access to a complete guide on how to help and feed the homeless including a list of ingredients, recipes, list of equipment needed, where and when to go, what to do and even some German phrases for those who don’t speak the lingo (obviously this won’t be necessary for everyone, but pretty essential for those Berlin expats).

If we raise enough money we can provide you with the earthlings let help starter pack, filled with everything you need to help those in your local community.

The funds will buy ingredients for meals, recyclable packaging, recyclable cutlery, toiletries for homeless men and women, and if anymore money is raised then we can provide earthlings with clothes, and so much more!

This project will not only mean so much to us, but it will help save lives of vulnerable earthlings that need us more than ever.

The world is becoming increasingly disconnected, with so many finding themselves lost in materialistic lifestyles, putting so much importance on money and ‘things’, when there are lives of others right in front of us that are being simply ignored, driving them to take extreme actions to relieve them of their pain that society has caused.

We all have so much in common, with access to funds being one of the only things that splits us apart, lets rebuild communities;

Find our gofundme page here

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