Luca Fossati gave birth to spaghetti on the 13th of April 2018 at 2300 hours.

With many involved in its birth and upbringing, spaghetti has been a family event, where everyone is welcome to come and let loose on the dark sweaty dance floor.

Expect to hear everything from Italo disco, obscure electronica all the way down to the dark depths of techno; making time seem like a distant memory. With the Baby Daddy himself closing the shift, he is surrounded by talented selectors, each bringing their own individualistic talents taking the spaghetti family on a journey of their own. Not only this, but each and every person involved is a friend; creating not just a space for people to let go, but a space for people to do what they love, fulfilling their interests; something all of us earthlings were put on this planet to do.

With hints of an Italian family restaurant in each corner and espresso in the air, the evening is full of hidden gems. Often involving complementary spaghetti cake, hand fans upon entry and refreshments passed around the dance floor giving you that little push you need, just at the right time.

With Luca’s personality beaming through the spaghetti cracks, he really hits the nail on the head when it comes to a family get together.

You can find the next taste of Spaghetti at Loftus Hall, Berlin on the 14th of December.

Facebook event – Spaghetti Nº04



Murrin & Gill




Keep it Al Dente.

Previous Spaghetti parties:

Spaghetti N°01

Spaghetti N°02

Spaghetti N°03


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