william york – Venus Diaries

The motivation behind my work is to create an experience, an atmosphere, something between beautiful and just plain weird.
I have always been moved by immersive art, experimental film and sound.
Genres without rules
I used to make videos regularly for nightclubs and events but this very quickly ended up compromising aesthetics and concepts, which lead to not producing any videos for two years…
Until last week.
I spent the last months painting and tattooing in a quest for satisfaction by using my hands to create.
I decided I needed another outlet.
I feel pressure when I’m painting and even more pressure when I’m tattooing and it was beginning to stress me out; so I decided to get out my old hard drive to see if there was anything on there that connected with me.
Having forgotten the power of immersion and stimulation; the ability to be some kind of puppet master, having the control to make an audience relaxed, confused, uncomfortable or scared, resulting in numerous questions or providing a space for the viewer to simply allow and accept; felt freeing.
The original video file is one hour long and I intend to release a series of videos ranging from one hour to four or five hours. I’m interested in challenging concentration and to allow the time for the audience to properly engage, to be subdued by the work; becoming temporarily lost.
Venus Diaries 
Sound recorded on tape by my friend Nate and edited by me: soundcloud.com/motorcycleroaddome

Instagram @dirty_bill_13


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