Meditation Snippets – no.3 – noting

So now we’ve discussed the basics and the importance of bringing it back, here is another little insight on to how to make this easier in your practice.
As you begin your meditation you will begin to see numerous different thoughts or feelings trying to drag you off in all directions. You thought it was going to be easy and relaxing, but all of a sudden you’ve ended up in a fantasy land your subconscious had created, consequentially unable to now concentrate on your breath.
But this is totally ok.
You can’t expect to be thought and feeling free, you can’t expect to be able to sit quietly in the nature of the mind, in calm bliss, without any training.
So this is where this little snippet comes in handy.
When your attention was stolen by a thought or a feeling, simply observe that and inside your head say/note ‘thought’ or ‘feeling.
Making note of what it is that is taking you away from the practice will give you the space that you need to be able to regain your attention, being able to once again rest in awareness or regain your focus on each breath.
Meditation isn’t about making all thoughts and feelings disappear; it’s about separating yourself from them so you are able to see them for what they are, as simply thoughts or feelings, not facts.
Meditation is about being able to regain control of ourselves, being able to be proactive rather than reactive to a situation.
so as you sit with the breath, note thought/feeling and gently bring it back. The more you do it, the less impact these will have and you will be able to be much more present.
This can be used in your daily lives, able to bring yourselves back to the here and now after consciously noting that you are being tempted by a thought or a feeling, creating that space to be able to come back and enjoy what’s actually real.

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