A hidden killer

mysteriously profound,

cement tiles

cover your inner ground.


A desire to protect

gone too far,

losing sight

of who you really are.


This will be that.

This should be you.


This will be,

as, really,

we have no clue.


Being ok.

 but with too much control.


bring it back,

live what your expectations stole.



Now trust yourself,

be open to any end,

but know,

how unrealistic the idea is

of a ‘perfect friend’


If you expect from others

what you expect from yourself,

you’re guaranteed sadness,

detrimental to your health.


Although similar but not the same,

we’ve all been playing a different game.


So don’t hold your breath.

Individuals exist,

each adding their own little twist.



Disappointment arrises from that initial thought,

predictions of the future,

or with what the present moment caught.


In each moment embrace the surprise,

be mindful,

and open

to your perception’s disguise.



– Evie Pardoe

– Rachel Davies (Illustration)










– Evie Pardoe



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