meditation snippets no.2 – Back to basics.

Perhaps for many of you, discussing back to basics in the first snippet would have been more useful. But thats what you think! As your practice progresses on further, you will find that bringing yourself back to basics is always necessary, so if you begin this way you’ll continue forwards knowing that you are never too good to bring on back!

So, lets begin.

Find yourself a quiet spot, somewhere you feel comfortable, where you know you won’t be distracted. Before you sit down, make sure the area around is nice and tidy, so when you come to open your eyes at the end of the meditation you are inspired to have a bloody lovely day! (opening your eyes to mess, isn’t so inspiring and can re-clog)

Now the space is ready, take a seat in an upright position, this, making sure that you are less likely to drop off to sleep and you can focus on that beautiful brain of yours. I like to sit crossed legged, but if you prefer sitting on a chair, that’s fine also!

Take a few really nice big deep breaths, in, and out.

Now close your eyes lightly, and start to become aware of each breath.

As you begin to pay closer attention to your breath, try not to control it and allow it to flow. It’s easy to forget when we place more focus on our breath that each day your body does this naturally for 24 hours, right up until the day you die, so let it happen and observe.

If you find this difficult, and need something to focus your mind on, then count ‘1’ in your mind as you breathe in and ‘2’ in your mind when breathing out. Or perhaps just feel your body rise and fall again, like a wave crashing and going back into the ocean, noticing how each breath differs in its own unique way.

Thoughts will begin to appear, but do not worry, this is natural.

You may find that your mind might be jam packed full of nonsense, with numerous thoughts distracting you. But that is completely fine, normal and exactly why we’re here.

See those thoughts for what they are, not factual, not reality, but just thoughts that have been created, by you.

Don’t panic and try to change or stop what is. But instead try to allow yourself to see the thought, recognise it, and let it pass.

All day we have a wide variety of different thoughts, feelings and moods; but they all pass.

So trust in that.

And bring it on back to the breath.

 Your anchor.

Before you begin, set a nice soothing alarm to come back on after 5/10/20 mins to bring you back into the life outside of your mind.

(if you are beginning try to do 3 minutes, with a 1 minute break, keeping that awareness, and go back in for another 3)

You can then bring this into your everyday life, when pressure is getting too much, or your mind has gone off in a dangerous or simply useless direction, just bring it on back, notice each breath and watch each thought drift by and welcome the calm that lies beneath.

Accept how you feel, allow everything to pass.


– Evie Pardoe

– Beth Redwood Pain (artwork)


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