When exactly did my skin
Stop having some elastic in?
My boobs that once were nicely pert
Now hang and get tucked in my skirt.

I’ve bingo wings where I once had
nice biceps, strong, just like my dad!
Buttocks that were firm and tight
have started giving up the fight.
My eyelids are no longer seen
As skin hangs over where they’ve been.

My necks no longer sleek and perky
But sags and wobbles like a turkey!
Take a close look at my mouth,
the corners are now heading south.
My face has sunk and jowls appeared,
this all is feeling very weird.

It isn’t fair, I’m not prepared!
I always thought I might be spared

But, no, I woke and it was done
I’ve slowly morphed into my mum.
So old and happy’s now the way
To enjoy each and every day.

Not giving age a second thought
not hung up on being taught.
It doesn’t matter half a jot
if anything sags down or not…

Be comfortable within your skin,
Whether or not elastics in!!


– Nicola Humphreys

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