Peter Lilly

Four years ago I was working for Network Rail as a telecommunications engineer. I worked for them for 6 years. Everyday i’d go to work and complete the same boring mundane tasks over and over again, thinking that that was my calling in life. It was secure, paid great money and I wasn’t “smart” enough to go to university. I soon realised speaking to the older folk that worked there, that if I stayed with the company and committed to telecoms, I’d end up a depressed 60 year old wondering why I didn’t do anything with my life.

So priority 1 was to leave, and to leave my home town as well; it felt uninspiring and demotivating; so I moved to Berlin and lived there for 2 years. This was pretty much the most amazing 2 years of my life; 1 because the place is amazing, and 2 because of the overwhelming feeling of liberation that comes with ditching the corporate 9 till 5 job. I spent a lot of time socialising, skateboarding and playing table tennis, but towards the end of my 2 years I became inspired, and motivated to do something more interesting with my spare time.

So I got into film making.

I continued to travel after Berlin, heading to Australia, NZ and Asia. With the money I saved working as a traffic controller in Aus, I brought a shit load of camera and film equipment, and started to film my travels, and any other music video/wedding video work bits I could find to fill my portfolio. A year down the line (after travelling) i’m now working as much a I possible can to gain experience and keep a float financially. Im writing a short web series called “Not Suitable For Glasgow” and I’m working with a few local musicians and rappers on music videos.

I’m still learning every day, and I really love what I’m doing. Collaborating with actors and musicians heading to locations to film really makes me happy. Like being a child in a playpark happy. And for the first time ever I’m doing something that doesn’t feel like “work” at all.




– Peter Lilly

Watch more of Pete’s videos here:
Facebook/Instagram/youtube: @codewordzebra

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