Meditation Snippets – no.1 Tonglen

This series will consist of little meditation snippets which are proven to positively impact, not only you, but your whole day and everyone around you. 

The practice of Meditation helps you detach the true nature of self from the ego. If I was to ask you what the mind is, or what your mind in particular is; would you have an answer?

This is why all of the attachments we make are useless, grasping onto the self, others or things will only go on to cause you pain. All negativity inside of you exists because of the attachments you have made throughout life.  

For each meditation snippet to positively impact your mental state, you’ll need to find a relaxed place to sit, upright, slowly taking deep breaths, in, and out; going on to close your eyes. Once your eyes are closed, bring your mind home and sit in resting awareness. (Resting Awareness – a state of which you are free from grasping onto each thought, you have let your mind relax and you are able to be completely present, without any main focus.) 

Meditation snippet no.1 – Tonglen – Compassionate Meditation

Compassionate love is the only true way to find peace and genuine happiness, the more you put the focus on helping others, the happier you will become. For this meditation snippet to work, you will have to believe this to be true. 

Now that you’ve brought the mind home and you’re resting in awareness, start to visualise someone you care about, someone who is close to you. Begin to picture that person suffering, lost in deep anxiety, grief or depression.

As you breathe in, visualise hot black, thick, smoke slowly arise from the very top of their head; representing the properties of their pain escaping their seemingly trapped mind. As you breathe in, the smoke dissolves, with you absorbing all of their pain. As the smoke reaches you, it begins to travel deep inside, attacking and obliterating all of the negative karma and aspects of your self-grasping nature; helping you feel freer and able to to continue to the out breath. 

As you breathe out, you breathe love, kindness and happiness towards the person in pain, seeing it seep into their skin, bit by bit, easing them of their torturous tendencies. They begin to look more complete, free from their bitter mental habits and in turn, helping you eradicate all of the negative aspects of the self; the self-grasping tendencies of the ego.

Once you have done this for someone close to you, try to zoom out and do it for the community around you or even the whole planet, use all of their fears to diminish all of your negative energy and release those good vibez.

In Tibetan history this has been found to be extremely effective on those with physical pain too, if you know anyone experiencing any physical pain, you can do the same as the practice above, but simply imagine you are freeing them of their physical pain instead. 

Perhaps you find visualising difficult, if so, you can mentally say these things at each stage:

-I am breathing in *name*’s pain

-Their pain is breaking down my self-grasping tendencies

-I breath out love, kindness and happiness towards them 

If taken seriously, you will notice that by doing this over and over, you will feel freer and able to be more open to others. When I first practiced this I was in deep pain myself, lost in anxiety and grief from the loss of a friend, but I was able to detach from the pain I was feeling, just by opening myself up to help someone else. 

 If, once you have done this practice towards someone you care about, try to open it up to anyone around you. Perhaps someone you dislike, or someone who’s rude to you in the street, breathe in their pain to help diminish yours and wish them love and happiness. The way you will interact with others with change, you will become more open and also much kinder.

Seeing kindness and compassion makes it easier to have hope, people are just people, all experiencing pain in our own ways, see that for what it is and spread the compassion we need in this world.  


– Evie Pardoe

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