Laura Karimloo

The forest is as invigorating as the mountains empowering.

But to be with the ocean, is the greatest healer.

To sit and watch the dance of the sea; deep, elemental and free.

Is it the breathtaking openness?

Or the awe of the boundless power.

The yawn of the ocean as it opens its mouth to you,

It is not tired but content.

You too want to nestle beside it; amongst the layers of sand, foam, water and sky.

With each roll towards you,

And with the twist of the white foam tides,

The hurt and memories are smothered and encased.

With each drag away they are stolen; drifters on the horizon, never to be returned.

As the salty air wraps your skin, and your mind sways to the motion of the tide, we are anew.

And how to be alone at the ocean, can make any soul,

Feel ready to begin again.

 – Laura Karimloo

evie pic.JPG

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