The Language Farm

From April to October I would find myself away from the stressors of the modern world, immersed in a place of which nothing else outside it existed. In the heart of Germany a little country of its own has been formed, where the English language is preferred, fires keep you warm at night and technology is non-existent.

Each week a different group of children are invited to explore their English abilities whilst bringing everyone to work together, communicate better and to let go and use their imaginations. It is a place of togetherness, hard work and mostly, fun. English natives rule the roost, preparing for the week ahead to ensure it is a new and interesting experience for all of those involved. Cooking, cleaning, crafting, acting, learning, playing, exploring, singing, dancing, canoeing, horse riding; the list goes on!

With a magical forest to explore and a miniature village to help build there really isn’t a time without something to do, along with learning about nature, making new friends and finding creativity within yourself.

Often today within the western world we get lost in numerous distractions, including social media and the importance put on our egos. At the Language Farm all this is nowhere to be seen, with no phones and no one to impress, its a safe space for people to really let loose, with the adults often stranger than the kids, in turn everyone lets themselves go, it reassuring you that life doesn’t need to be so serious. By the end of the week a little family has been formed after having worked together, and more importantly played together.

I have some of my favourite memories out in the forests at The Language Farm, utterly ridiculous but enriched with moments of rewarding hard work bringing self-awareness, pushing you to learn not only about the other ways of living but about you, yourself.

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– Evie Pardoe

– Jeremy Knowles (photography)

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