The sky has all the answers

When days are sad and I feel blue I look up to the sky,
To ask so many questions like when, where and why
When did this world that we are in begin to get so cold?
When did people start to fear that they would not get old?
Certain minds are just so cruel and I don’t understand,
How someone can take another life,
And this I cannot stand
Where do all the happy times go they all seem far away?
When all the tragedies and bad times seems like the other day
Where do all these beautiful souls go when they are laid to rest?
I bet its somewhere beautiful they all deserve the best.
Where are all my happy thoughts gone? I want to have them back,
Im tired of feeling sad now and smiling is what I lack
Why am I feeling this way? I need to be myself
Why is the pain still here? Do I need to seek some help?
But then I find a solution
my face begins to smile,
Ive figured out how not to be sad
My life is all worth while,
Im blessed to have so many friends that care for me so much,
Im lucky to have an amazing family
embrace all this I must,
I’m overwhelmed to have a Frau to help me through bad times,
Sitting by my side always this girl she always climbs,
So no need to feel blue at all and no need not to smile,
I’ve got everything I need right now to lead a good lifestyle,
Now when I look to the sky I don’t ask when, where and why,
I thank who ever is responsible for making me this guy,
Im grateful for what I have in life enjoy it now I will,
My goal is to help my loved ones to reach the top of that hill,
The only thing we need to remember is life is just not long,
So tell that person you love them forget the arguments and move on
– Dean Reid

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