When did our world become so ugly ?

When did our world become so ugly ?

Where did people learn to be so cruel ?
That they end up trading insults in some reality TV duel ?
When did it become normal to crave the brand names of a rich elite ?
Yet failing to notice people sleeping rough, dying on our streets.
How did we become so stupid to become addicted to smart phones, ignoring friends, family, home ?
When did honesty become disposable, to manipulate the truth ?
When did we forget the passionate causes and frankness of our youth ?
When did we start using the word “warrior” to describe cowards hiding behind their words,typed virtually on keyboards hurled viscously with hatred in an online world ?
When did we forget about love and basic human rights,
When did we stop seeing children, bloody running terrified from someone else’s fight ?
When did we start shutting people out, building barriers and walls ?
Why did we withdraw the hand of friendship when we were needed most of all ?

When did our world become so ugly ?
What do we plan to do ?
To break down the walls of ugliness and let the power of kindness break through ?
Will you sit upon the sideline and watch as our world crumbles in front of our eyes ?
Or will you be brave enough to swim against the tide ?
Will you raise your voice in protest ?
Will you March and find your feet ?
Or will you turn away, soulless, seeking out a sideline seat ?

– Lynn Harte

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